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Clean Air, Water & Healthy Soils

Clean Air, Water & Healthy Soils

Duration: One day course with a farm walk.

The course is aimed at farmers, farm contractors, agronomists, conservation advisors and farm business advisors. It covers all aspects of soil and water management within the farmed environment as well as the potential to influence air quality.


  • Soil and water in the farmed environment.

  • Rotation, roots and cultivations.

  • Soil health, soil care, soil armour.

  • Soil and water links to air.

  • Cultivation equipment.

  • Field to landscape conservation measures for soil and water.

  • Conventional, organic and regenerative approaches.

  • Measuring organic matter.

  • The role of food, feed and fuel.

  • Profit and economics.


  • Soil structure and visual assessment.

  • Cultivation equipment.

  • Cover, catch and companion cropping.

  • Rotations and herbal leys.

  • Stock and stockless systems.

  • Using agri-environment options to protect, rejuvenate and enhance.

  • The role of plant protection products.


​£150/person including lunch. Full course rate negotiable for groups. BASIS and NRoSO points available.

BASIS – Soil and Water Management Certificate

CANCELLED – We will update with new dates once current restrictions have been reviewed.

April 6-8th & 14th (Exam – 15th April) 2020

As a result of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate the principles governing the maintenance of soil organic matter contents, maintenance of good soil structure and methods for the prevention of water and wind erosion.
  • Appreciate the legal requirements for the protection of soil and the maintenance of soil health.
  • Appreciate the mechanics, economics and environmental aspects of cultivation.
  • Appreciate the relationships between soil and water management to enable best use of land and the minimisation of diffuse pollution.
  • Understand the role of plant nutrients in crop production and their application, all with due regard for environmental protection.
  • Understand the advantages, risks and legal aspects of the application of farm manures and other organic manure products to land.


  • Soil protection and soil health

  • Prevention of water and wind erosion.

  • Mechanics, economics and environmental aspects of cultivation.

  • Soil physical properties – texture and structure.

  • Soil organic matter.

  • Soil water properties.

  • Drainage and irrigation.

  • Plant macro/micronutrients and fertiliser planning.

  • Manures and soil organic inputs to enhance crop growth and their effects on diffuse pollution.

A successful candidate will qualify for the BASIS Soil and Water Management Certificate.  This course also accrues 25 Continuing Professional Development points. This course contributes to the BASIS Diploma in Agronomy.

Cost: £950 (includes exams, refreshments and lunches.

https://basis-reg.co.uk/training?area=9a6d4a01-9a27-4969-bbb2-0ed85c5cdc73&course=1ccdafae-291c-446c-81b6-15e64d426bdeClean Air, Water & Healthy Soils

https://basis-reg.co.uk/training?area=9a6d4a01-9a27-4969-bbb2-0ed85c5cdc73&course=1ccdafae-291c-446c-81b6-15e64d426bdeNewly released for 2020 you can view all the training courses, booking information and costings.

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