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28th February 2024

Challenging Soil Conditions in Spring 2024

What to do next?

A discussion with Ian Robertson (Sustainable Soil Management, Jim Egan (Kings) and Jenny Bussell (The Allerton Project).

On the back of a challenging winter, what do your soil conditions look like going into spring? How can you best support your winter crops to thrive after adverse conditions? What are the best strategies for re-drilling and what current and future SFI options could help alleviate some of the pressure points in your rotations?

Experts spent the afternoon talking soil strategy and discussed the impacts on the environment and greenhouse gas emissions. This event was part of the Climate Neutral Farming Project.

29th January 2024

Cover Cropping for Climate Neutral Farming

Tour with Toby Simpson

Toby Simpson joined us for a morning tour and chat, as the benefits of cover cropping for climate-friendly farming were explored.