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The Allerton Project offers environmental and farming research opportunities on our 320-hectare farm in Leicestershire, United Kingdom.

Allerton Project research covers a wide range of agri-environmental issues and operates at a range of scales, from replicated experimental plots to the landscape scale. It is highly interdisciplinary and operates through collaborations with industry, the local farming community and other research organisations.

A key aspect of our research is that it is both scientifically robust and practically relevant, guiding both practice on farm, and development of agri-environmental policy at the national level. We aim to address the key challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss within productive agricultural systems.

As well as major research projects, supplementary research is carried out by PhD and MSc students who are co-supervised by us and the university. The wide range of recent funders and research partners reflects our broad approach to management of the agricultural environment.

Key research topics include:

• Ecosystem services
• Soil function and management
• Cultivation and cover crops
• Multi-objective catchment management
• Nutrients in soil and water
• Grass leys and grazing ruminants
• Greenhouse gases in arable and grassland systems
• Farmland ecology (terrestrial and aquatic)
• Songbird ecology and conservation
• Invertebrate pollinators and predators of crop pests

We welcome further collaborations on these and related topics.

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