BASIS Conservation Management Courses due to be held in October and November.

27 Aug 2020 | Farming, Training

There has been no better time to get back into the swing of things with some training at the Allerton Project. Our BASIS Conservation Management Courses are planning to be held in October and November.

Set in the wonderful Leicestershire countryside at the GWCT demonstration farm the course take in wider environment and habitats, soil, water biodiversity, trees and integrated sustainable crop management.

Course tutors Phil Jarvis and Saya Harvey have a wealth of experience in rural landscape management and the course is a combination of indoor interactive sessions and outside practical demonstrations, discussions and walks.

The Allerton Project’s Training manager, Saya Harvey, commented “With the changes facing UK agriculture, we see this course as a real game changer for farmers and advisors in the environmental and food production debate. As we move forwards to Environmental Land Management, we’re sure we can highlight both challenges and opportunities for both business and wildlife”.

Phil Jarvis, Head of Farming stated, “We are going to have to consider new approaches to countryside management, equip ourselves with some new skills and knowledge and dust off a few others that have served us well overtime”.

“After the situation we found ourselves in during the last few months, we look forward to welcoming everyone back to some socially interactive and safe learning”.

You can find out more about dates and how to book by clicking here

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